About us: Paul Schroder

After earning a BA in environmental studies at the UO I started a website design business. Webpotential.com. In 2004 I started painting homes and learning faux finishing.

Since 2004 I've been running a home painting company in Portland Oregon, A Fresh Coat Painting, www.portlandhousepainting.com. I like the experience of working on something more tangible than a website. Taking care of someone's home and helping them to transform their living environment is a great joy. Being a craftsman and properly taking care of a job makes being self-employed worth the long hours and effort.

We transform living environments with paint. It's work I'm passionate about. I enjoy the opportunities I have to create art with faux finishing. One of my goals is to make my company and industry more environmentally sustainable. It's different work than I thought I might be doing when I studied environmental science, but IPaul Ernest Schroder Portland Oregon

 like being on the front lines of sustainability and in a industry were I can really make a difference.

I've been very fortunate to partner with Kurt Deppisch. Kurt is my cousin by marriage and has been painting for 35 years. He started working in local paint stores before becoming a professional residential and commercial painter. We bring many different skills to our company; challenge each other excel; and we bring the fun and passion to our work that made us start painting together originally.